Getting help

Report bugs and request features

NEST draws its strength from the many people that use and improve it. We are happy to consider your contributions (e.g., new models, bug or documentation fixes) for addition to the official version of NEST.

If you find an error in the code or documentation or want to suggest a feature, submit an issue on GitHub at

Make sure to check that your issue has not already been reported there before creating a new one.

Mailing list

The NEST users mailing list is intended to be a forum for questions on the usage of NEST, the exchange of code and general discussions about NEST. The philosophy is that all users profit by sharing their experience. All NEST core developers are subscribed to this list and will participate in the discussions as far as time allows.

By subscribing to the mailing list you will also get notified of all NEST related events!

Before submitting a question, please take a look at our guidelines for the NEST mailing list.